A tic-tac-toe game in clojure, and friends.

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Toes, a simple demonstration

This is a simple tic-tac-toe game, created in Clojure, embedded in an iPhone app.

Javascript, assembly language for the web

Javascript is hard. It doesn't seem that way, but there are tons of little nuance and idioms you'll have to be aware of. But Javascript is ubiquitous and powerful - it's in every browser, there's Node.js and Rhino and V8 and Nitro. All of these technologies, which are really powerful and optimised makes Javascript a very attractive target platform for applications.

Running Javascript on iOS before iOS 7 was a hassle. You'd basically have to hide an instance to an UIWebView somewhere and execute Javascript via that one. But that was clunky it didn't access the full acceleration of the Nitro engine.

In iOS 7 the SDK includes the Javascript framework. The iPhone app that's included in the project simply loads toes.js. The app doesn't do any complicated logic, it simply calls the functions in the Javascript.